Our Values

We believe that by focusing on solutions for users needs, the return will be much greater than any short term plans for financial gain.  Our philosophy is to provide transparency throughout product use, instead of focusing solely on flashy marketing strategies that may result in customer dissatisfaction.  By actively engaging users in product creation and encouraging critical feedback, we will develop a product that meets a wider variety of expectations within the clients’ user base.  We think our clients will gain a higher return if we take these few extra steps: increasing their sales through reputation; building a higher, more stable retention rate; and creating a mutually satisfying community.

Some of our principles and beliefs include:

  • An emphasis on being honest and reliable;
  • Employing resourcefulness over resources;
  • Creating mutually beneficial partnerships; we’ll send you to the best solution and/or ask them to join us;
  • Valuing ownership of mistakes over ignorance, with inaction being the true failure.

We try to keep up to date on the latest practices in our field, and are currently strong practitioners of the Scrum development approach.  More information is available here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback / questions.  Your solution may be closer than you think.